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How do I send XPR to my Proton Wallet over Mainnet from an Exchange

This guide will highlight key benefits associated with withdrawing over Proton Mainnet and the differences that you should be aware of. 

What's Different?

Proton Blockchain wallet addresses are much simpler than the traditional forever-long character string we have become accustomed to. You simply need to use your @name as your wallet address. Note, most of the time, the "@" is prefilled, so all you need to do is enter the "name" portion. 

To view your @name, navigate to the settings page in Proton Wallet. It will be listed at the top.

Benefits of Proton Mainnet

The primary benefit of Proton Mainnet transactions is the fees or lack thereof. That's right, you don't have to pay "gas" or network fees when withdrawing to your Proton Wallet over the Proton Mainnet network. 

Withdrawing from Exchanges

The withdrawal process will vary with each Exchange. However, the withdrawal address will always be your Proton Account @name. 

Some Exchanges will pre-fill the "@" symbol, you will only need to enter the "name" portion.

i.e. If I am withdrawing to the "@metalcs" account, I would enter "metalcs" as the withdrawal address. 


Note - "@" symbol is prefilled


Note - "@" symbol is prefilled

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