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What are the Deposit, Swap and Withdrawal Fees?


There is no service fee charged by Proton for depositing cryptocurrencies. 


What makes ProtonSwap unique for our customers is that everyone can enjoy a low fee per trade of only 0.3%. However, XPR holders can reduce their fees even further! 

  • 100,000 XPR = 33% reduction
  • 1,000,000 XPR = 66% reduction
  • 10,000,000 XPR = 100% reduction - that's right, free swaps!

Check out this guide to get started on Proton Swap!

ℹ️  While the Swap fees are low, keep an eye on Price Impact. Swapping very large amounts of Cryptocurrencies can create adverse price movements and produce an unfavorable swap rate. 


When withdrawing crypto, the transaction will incur a fee. The fee is charged by the blockchain to post the transaction, we do not keep any of the funds. When reviewing the withdrawal order, you will see the amount you've requested, the amount that's being deducted from the fees and the total amount — all quoted in the cryptocurrency you are withdrawing.

The transaction fee is dynamic, refreshed every 2 minutes and will be calculated using the average speed at the time of the transaction. 

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