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Withdrawing from Metal X and Metal Vault to Proton Wallet

As you may be aware, Metal X and Metal Vault services are being discontinued. But that doesn't mean we have to say Goodbye! You can now transfer supported cryptocurrencies to Proton Wallet via the Convert feature or Metal Pay and continue enjoying the same great features you’ve come to expect from Metal. Keep in mind, you have until May 30th 2021 to withdraw all funds from your account. 

This guide will show you how to withdraw your funds to Proton Wallet where you can use the Proton Swap, or Metal Pay, where you can hold crypto through our custodial services or sell it for USD and cash out to your bank account.  Proton Swap is one of our latest and greatest additions to the Metal family. You can swap various cryptocurrencies, stake XPR or become a liquidity provider, all while paying super low trading fees and absolutely no gas fees to worry about!

Before starting

  • You will need to create a Proton account and compete verification, depending on your country of residence. For details, check out this guide.
  • To learn more about sending funds from Metal Vault, check out this guide. 
  • You can also export your Metal Vault private key and restore your account in another wallet. For details, check out this guide.

ℹ️  Supported Cryptocurrencies: XPR, MTL, BTC, ETH, USDC, PAX, PAXG, TUSD and USDT

Let’s get started

ℹ️  You can also follow our visual guide

  1. Login to your Proton Wallet on your mobile device.
    1. Click on ‘Connect Wallet’ in the top right corner of the web page
    2. Scan the QR Code with your Proton Wallet
    3. Tap ‘Authorize’ in your Proton Wallet and enter your PIN code or scan fingerprint
    4. Proton Wallet is now connected to Proton Swap
  1. On the Convert page, click on the asset you’d like to deposit to Proton Wallet from Metal X/Metal Vault.
  2. Copy the deposit address to your clipboard.
    ⚠️ Make sure you are depositing to the correct coin address! 
    For Example, sending XPR to your MTL address in Proton Wallet will not work and your coins may be lost! Only send coins to their designate wallet address (XPR to the XPR address and MTL to the MTL address)   
  3. In Metal X/Metal Vault, navigate to Withdraw and paste the address you copied in Step 3 to submit your withdrawal. 
    • For Metal X, click on ‘Wallets’ tab
      • ‘Withdraw’ is located in the bottom right corner of the page
    • For Metal Vault, see the guide linked in the Before Starting section above
  4. On the Proton Swap Convert page, a pending status will appear once the transaction is successfully processed by the blockchain. 
    1. Keep an eye on this page for status updates to see when your order is completed and posted to your Proton Wallet 

⚠️ Remember to backup your Proton Wallet private keys!

Now you can Proton Swap to make trades. Follow this guide here for Android and here for iOS.

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