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How do I use Proton Swap inside the Proton Wallet iOS App?

This guide will walk you through a swap transaction inside the Proton Wallet iOS app. 

Before starting

  • You will need to create an account and compete verification, depending on your country of residence. For details, check out this guide.
  • You need to have a balance in one of the supported cryptocurrencies.

Let’s get started

  1. Open Proton Wallet and click the “+” icon located on the bottom toolbar.

  1. Select Swap
  1. Now, select the cryptocurrency you would like to swap in the top window and select the cryptocurrency you want to receive in the bottom window. Enter the quantity  and the exchange value received will be calculated automatically.

ℹ️  You might have noticed that I only swapped 1 XPR which came to less than a penny. With Proton Swap, you don't have to worry about outrageous gas fees. You can even swap fractions of a penny!

  1. Next, you will see details regarding the trade you are about to make. Review your order and if everything looks in order click “Swap now”.

⚠️  This is a snapshot price. The final value may differ slightly, depending on the volatility of the cryptocurrency pair. 

  1. To confirm the swap, provide your Touch ID, Password or FaceID. 

That’s it! Your swapped coins will be waiting for you in your wallet. 

If you have any questions about this guide or just want to say “Hi”, you can always reach us here.

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